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San Fab is in its 50th year of producing quality conveyor and specialty equipment. Our low maintenance, and competitively priced equipment have provided material handling solutions to a variety of industries.

Our modern 85,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped to provide cost-effective manufacturing of all components and end products. From the latest CNC processing equipment to our large set up and test areas, San Fab can meet your requirements on time and within budget.

San Fab has long realized that each customer’s application requires a unique solution. The ability to configure our standard designs with application-specific modifications has been a San Fab strong point. The end product is not only cost effective, but provides optimal performance with minimal maintenance.

Gravity Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
Belt Driven Roller Conveyors
Chain Driven Roller Conveyors
Line Shaft Conveyors
Accumulation Conveyors
Table Top Conveyors
Plastic Belt (Mat Top) Conveyors
Bulk Handling Conveyors
Mill 'Duty' Conveyors
Pallet/Unit Load Conveyor